"Great service you all provide from the first time I met you until the last visit, you were a pleasure to deal with.  Many Thanks."

S Whelan

REF: 8614 (2013)


"13 months ago I saw your advertisement in a local newspaper.  At that stage my feet were in a terrible state.  Being a rheumatoid arthritis suffered, I had reach a point where I couldn't buy shoes to fit my deformed feet and I could no longer walk for any reasonable length of time without suffering major discomfort in my feet.

After my first consultation with you, I felt confident that my feet could be improved by foot surgery and that my quality of life with regards to mobility and pain would also be greatly improved.

So, here I am, 13 months later.  I can now buy shoes to fit and am walking comfortable for the first time in years.  The "before and after" photos really show how my feet have improved because of The Foot Centre.  Each day on my feet is a wonderful day!

I can't thank you Stefan, Janette and Bryony enough for the professionalism, excellent service, caring and support you have shown me.

Keep up your amazing work.  A Big THANK YOU."


REF:  8278 (2013)


"I would like to say that the operation has been most successful and once again let me 'lead a normal life'.  Prior to my operation, the pain, especially the 3rd toe, was at times very bad and that restricted me even for everyday walking around in the home.  What an amazing change it has made for me, thanks to my surgeon and my insurers.

At the Foot Centre, I have found all the staff a most caring and friendly lot and the ongoing check ups have been excellent."


S. Gribben

Ref:  8540 (2013)


I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for all the care and attention I received during my foot surgery.

It has been a very positive experience – from the initial appointment when the problem was first diagnosed, to the final check-up.  I am happy to report that I am now walking pain free, and with a much-improved quality of life.

You offer a very unique service, and I will have no hesitation in recommending your Practice to any of my friends – or in fact anyone I come across with a foot problem!
Yours sincerely 
J Smith/Papamoa


I would like to say how extremely satisfied I was regarding my recent surgery at the Fraser Street Podiatry Foot Surgery.  I found the service to be extremely efficient with a friendly and happy atmosphere.
I would be more than happy to recommend the surgery to my friends and neighbours.
D B/ Tauranga


My Experience of Having a Bunion Removed
I am a 74 years old and do not drive and so I walk a lot.  I do three 6km walks in a group a week so as you can imagine, I need to look after my feet.

However, about 6 weeks ago, I had a pain under my big toe that was so sore, I could not walk on it without limping and it didn’t altogether go away.  I went to my doctor and he asked me to have an x-ray, which I did.  When I rang the nurse for the results, she said it was just wear and tear and was expected at my age.  This was not what I wanted to hear, so I decided to see a Podiatrist and get a second opinion as even I could see a shadow between the base of my big toe and the second one.  When Stefan Edwards looked at the x-ray, he could see that I needed an operation, so booked me in for the next week.  He insisted I take antibiotics several days before and also asked me to get a painkiller called Thersyndol which can be bought over the counter and which I found very good.

I had the operation at 1.30pm on a Friday, just a local in my foot, which didn’t hurt at all.  I walked out of the surgery 2 hours later with a pair of crutches and a lot of padding as well as a special shoe, which is made in France.  (I’m sure it helped in my speedy recovery).  It has a very heavy high heel slanting towards the instep to stop your toes from touching the ground.  I left the shoe on even in bed as it kept the blankets from touching it and I must say, I slept like a log thanks to the painkillers.

I stayed in bed for the first two days and then rested a lot and kept my foot up.  I can’t say I had any real pain to speak of, just a bit of discomfort.

I went back to Stefan on the third day for him to dress it, he said the operation had gone well and got me to have another x-ray which he was very pleased about as he could see the screws he had put in were in the right place.

I have about a 3 ½” cut on the top of my big toe.  When I went back after a week he decided the stitches were ready to come out so he removed them as we were going away for the weekend, as it was my grandson’s 21st birthday.

At no time did I have any pain that Thersyndol didn’t take care of.  I only had 20 and then after that I took Panadol and often only at night.

It is two weeks since it was done and I am dressing it myself and it is healing nicely.  I aim to wear my special shoe for 3 weeks and feel great.

I am doing all the usual things except walking fast; the boot takes care of that.
It is now 3 weeks since the operation.  I can wear normal shoes now and I am starting to go for short walks.

The service at Fraser Street Podiatry and Foot Surgery is very professional, the staff friendly but proficient and for my procedure, no delays of weeks between appointments and all costs listed with no hidden extras to pay later.


I was referred to Stefan Edwards by a friend when my right foot became unbearable to walk on.  I was given an appointment promptly and met with the surgeon, Stefan, on my initial consultation.

I was more than happy seeing this very helpful man who is so passionate about his work and helping people with feet problems.  He put me at total ease, explaining everything in the greatest detail along with drawing pictures to explain my particular problem and the procedure that he was going to carry out to fix my foot.

Within two weeks, I was operated on in his surgery on the premises.  The care taken and explanation of the procedure was very reassuring.  The postoperative care was brilliant and I am now a much more active and happier person with the treatment this clinic has given me.

I would highly recommend Stefan Edwards and his team of caring professionals to look after any foot problem you may have.
Donna L Wilson/Mt Maunganui


This is to state that the treatment I received at Fraser Street Podiatry & Foot Surgery was absolutely first class, both the surgery and postoperative care.

The procedure was stress free, the surgeon and staff were unfailingly polite and everything was explained thoroughly and well.

My foot has healed well with no setbacks, and I would not hesitate to seek treatment with them again, should the occasion arise.
Barbara E Turner/Tauranga

I would like to compliment the staff on your extremely professional, friendly before and after service.  Your dedication to high standards of clinical hygiene is exemplary.  I would personally recommend you to any person requiring podiatry.  Please feel free to use this statement as a testimonial.
Trevor Gray/Tauranga


Late in 2007, I was diagnosed with a bone cancer in my small toe, which required an operation.  This was carried out with professionalism and the attention I received following was exceptional.
Paddy Hill/Pyes Pa

When I first approached Fraser Podiatry I was filled with apprehension.
My trouble was a painful ingrowing toenail.  I was told of my problem, which required an operation, details were fully explained regarding cost etc.  I was reassured. The operation was carried out with skill and precision.

The attention paid for the recovery period was excellent, thanks to the trained staff re bandaging and inspection of wound including as many visits as necessary before being discharged.
My thanks to Mr Stefan R Edwards, Podiatric Surgeon.
Mr Laurie Jones/Greerton

I cannot speak highly enough of the Fraser Street Podiatry, of Mr Edwards and all his staff.
My visit required surgery for an ingrown toenail.  This was attended to promptly.  I suffered little inconvenience, no pain, and it was dressed every few days until healed.
My grateful thanks.
Betty Poole/Tauranga

I would like to thank you and your team for the informative and professional care given to me before, during and after performing the operation of installing another big toe joint on my foot on the 20 April 2006.

The big toe joint on my right foot was operating at around 20-30% efficiency, having been damaged through sport and work, and had been trying to self fuse for approximately 10 years.  I try to lead an active life and realized I wasn’t doing all the activities I enjoy doing due to constant pain, and by aggravating the joint (even just walking short distances) would result in pain in the joint for the next few days.

Stefan was very informative regarding the options available to me (fusing of the joint V’s installation of another joint).  In my line of work, and the activities I enjoy, I envisaged a fused toe creating other problems.  After speaking to a farmer who Stefan had performed the same operation on, I decided on the replacement joint and haven’t looked back since.

The operation was performed on the 20 April 2006 and I had my foot in a snow ski boot by the end of July.  Admittedly there was some discomfort getting it in and out of the boot, but a good ski season resulted.  The quick recovery was due to listening and abiding strictly to the suggested recovery programme, keeping all weight off the foot for the set duration, and then working hard on the exercises to ensure full movement was re-established.

The pain levels during and initially after the operation were relatively high (as I was informed by the farmer), but the life it has re-opened far outweighs the short-term discomforts and I would not hesitate to do the operation again if necessary.

Thanks again Stefan and the team for re-opening the doors to an active, mobile life.
Best Regards
Noel Walker/KatiKati

In May 2007 I was diagnosed with a problem that required surgery on both my big toes.  At my initial consultation at Fraser Street Podiatry Clinic, after X-rays, Stefan Edwards explained very clearly what was wrong and what needed to happen to correct the problem, drawing diagrams to show me what he would do during surgery.  He scheduled me for the operation and prescribed pre-surgery treatment, which I followed at home to minimise the chance of infection after the procedure.

I found the staff at the clinic very supportive before, during and after the surgery and they helped to allay my fears.  The technical excellence of Stefan’s operating surgery amazed me – he describes himself as “paranoid about infection” and has designed a facility that surpasses most hospitals in the country in infection prevention.  I was awake during the surgery with both feet numbed and didn’t feel a thing.  The anaesthesia lasted for about 9 hours after I came home and after that I took analgesics that controlled postoperative pain.  I had a phone call from Stefan that first night to see how I was.  With both feet out of action, I needed to use a wheelchair for the first ten days or so and kept my feet up – that was an absolute necessity for successful healing.  It took about six weeks before I was able to walk freely.

At every one of my postoperative visits to the clinic, I was treated with courtesy and care and have a great appreciation of the quality of attention I was given both by Stefan and his staff.  The follow-up lasted until my final discharge at six months after the operation when Stefan declared himself satisfied with the result of his work.  Gradually the nerves are repairing themselves in my toes and now after a year they are almost fully recovered.

One satisfied patient.
Jenny Utting/Te Puke


I have had two separate surgical operations to repair each of my Achilles’ tendons.  In each instance the proficiency and service provided by Fraser Street Podiatry & Foot Surgery was excellent.  I can now undertake hard walks without discomfort.  The actual operations in regard to hygiene and the surgeon and nurse’s concern for my comfort could not be faulted.
Les Hunter/Papamoa

I am an elderly lady who has recently had foot surgery on both feet.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending others to ask Mr Stefan Edwards to take care of their problems.

The operation was smoothly executed and the postoperative care was so kind and comforting.  Why be in pain when help is so close at hand?
Dorothy M Lusty/Tauranga

For some years I suffered from pain under my toes on my left foot, which made walking both difficult and painful.

I consulted Mr Stefan Edwards at the Fraser Street Podiatry & Foot Surgery who diagnosed the complaint and recommended surgery to remove a growth between my toes.  He gave me a full and informative report on my condition, the procedures for the operation and postoperative care and treatment.

I was very happy with all facets of the consultation and resultant surgery and have had no difficulties since.  The scar from the operation has healed completely and I am very happy with the outcome.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Edwards.
Bev Crisp/Tauranga

We write to thank you for the patience, time and effort you put in to diagnosing and correcting the feet of our grandson Jacob.

Jacob was having severe difficulty and pain when walking and you very quickly determined the cause of those problems.

Subsequently, and after some discussion with his father and us, it was decided to proceed with surgery.  The alternative of a wheel chair in the next few years made surgery the obvious choice.
Your attention to detail was evident from the outset with the explicitly detailed explanations of the procedures.

Jacob, who at 13 years of age had never surrendered himself to a surgeon before, was put at ease by your caring and patient “bedside” manner.  The way in which you confidently handled the large number of searching and sometimes apparently trivial questions from him was outstanding.

The care provided to Jacob and his extended family by your staff was simply great and very much appreciated.

We quickly lost count of the number of complimentary “coffees” we enjoyed at Fraser Cover per courtesy of your surgery.

Jacob is now in the care of a good physiotherapist who has him working hard and he is making very good progress, which was commenced by your care.

We want you to know that we really appreciate the care and attention Jacob and we experienced.
Thank you
B & P Ekins/Wellington

I would like to say that after years of suffering all problems with my feet have now been cured and I am at last pain free.

All procedures were explained step by step and the staff was very supportive and professional throughout, including all after care.

In February 2007 we called on the services of Stefan and his team at the Fraser Street Podiatry & Foot Surgery.

From day one we were handled in a professional way, from the Podiatrist (Stefan) and Nurses to the Receptionist.  They explained everything clearly and in layman terms so we could understand.  Their pre and postoperative care was exemplary, hence my foot is now well healed and I’m tripping the light fantastic.

I have no hesitation in using them again in the future.

It was early in 2001 that I had a severe stroke, my doctor at that time in his words said “He hasn’t a dogs chance”. I was to prove him wrong and after being fitted with various aids was able to get about.

I had operations and although I did get help there was always this “waiting time”.

In late October 2006 I noticed a deep reddening of both my big toes, to me it seemed like Septicaemia, this to me was some thing that needed to be done immediately.  I looked up podiatrists in the book and Fraser Street was the nearest.  So, unknown to me at the time, I had made a good choice.  I was taken straight in and examined by Mr Edwards who confirmed that I had been right.  Within two days he had operated on both my toes and cut away the infected area and dressed up both toes.  I had to wear some clumsy shoes and report every other day for dressing and check the rate of progress.  I was finally discharged and today am able to report that I am more than satisfied with the treatment that I received.

I had the pleasure of being a patient with the Fraser Street Podiatry Clinic.  Although unsure of what to expect before my very first surgery in my life, I was welcomed by friendly and heart warming staff and given not only all the information I needed but also the reassurance of knowing that I was in very capable, skilled and caring hands.

My care was handled quickly and professionally with follow up appointments, phone calls and letters to ensure that I remained in top condition after surgery.  If you suffer from pain, Fraser Street Podiatry is the only call you need make.  Stefan and his team will ensure you truly are back on your feet!!