“I was at the end of my rope with my foot problem.  Obviously cost is always important, but after seeing the procedure and consumables used, service, follow up care and overall outcome the cost, I thought was very reasonable.  I am super happy with the outcome and find myself thinking how easy and pain free the whole process was.  Thank you!!”

M Worthington

REF: 8812 (2014)

 “Excellent service, made to feel comfortable and important.  Have and will continue to recommend this business to everyone”.

K Harnett

RF:  9825 (2016)

“I would just like to say that the service received from the clinic was exceptional from start to finish.  What a difference it has made to my son’s life.  No more smelly, sore, weepy toes.  Thank you so much.  Money well spent.”

B Simpson (K Simpson)

REF: 9676 (2016)

“I’m so happy I found you!  Your explanations and care were second to none.  Thank you!

H Hayward

Ref:  9590 (2016)

“It’s so nice to be able to wear shoes again without the pain.  Many thanks.”

M Nemo

Ref:  2251 (2016)

“Very happy with it all, very thankful and greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your amazing job”

R Holt

Ref:  9518 (2015)

“My life has changed.  I was considering having my toe amputated as it was so painful but now I have no pain, discomfort or adverse reactions.”

S McCallum

Ref:  9471 (2015)

“The care given to me at all times by the staff could not be faulted.”

Z Taylor

Ref: 9378 (2015)

I saw Stefan’s advertisement in the Herald.  During the consultation I became aware he cares deeply about his patients.  He enquired about my level of activity, and I replied that I compete in both running and walking events.  He explained the type of surgery he would perform so I could resume my sports as soon as possible, which in fact happened beyond my wildest expectations.  I had surgery on both my feet at the same time, experienced very minimal pain and level of discomfort, which surprised me considering I have a low tolerance to pain.  It has been 3 months since surgery I am currently walking many hours a day pain free, and doing some running.  I have received fantastic care during and after surgery from Stefan and his team.  I am thrilled to bits with my “new” feet.  Stefan’s type of surgery is the only one available which allowed me to return to full activity in just over 8 weeks, and that is with both feet.  My surgery was done under local anaesthetic which also meant less risk involved and no drugs.  I now have a few running friends with bad bunions very keen on this type of surgery after seeing my new feet and witnessing my rapid recovery.”

M Soanes

REF: 8725 (2014)

"Great service you all provide from the first time I met you until the last visit, you were a pleasure to deal with.  Many Thanks."

S Whelan

REF: 8614 (2013)

"13 months ago I saw your advertisement in a local newspaper.  At that stage my feet were in a terrible state.  Being a rheumatoid arthritis suffered, I had reach a point where I couldn't buy shoes to fit my deformed feet and I could no longer walk for any reasonable length of time without suffering major discomfort in my feet.

After my first consultation with you, I felt confident that my feet could be improved by foot surgery and that my quality of life with regards to mobility and pain would also be greatly improved.

So, here I am, 13 months later.  I can now buy shoes to fit and am walking comfortable for the first time in years.  The "before and after" photos really show how my feet have improved because of The Foot Centre.  Each day on my feet is a wonderful day!

I can't thank you Stefan, Janette and Bryony enough for the professionalism, excellent service, caring and support you have shown me.

Keep up your amazing work.  A Big THANK YOU."

K Williamson

REF:  8278 (2013)

"I would like to say that the operation has been most successful and once again let me 'lead a normal life'.  Prior to my operation, the pain, especially the 3rd toe, was at times very bad and that restricted me even for everyday walking around in the home.  What an amazing change it has made for me, thanks to my surgeon and my insurers.

At the Foot Centre, I have found all the staff a most caring and friendly lot and the ongoing check-ups have been excellent."

S  Gribben

Ref:  8540 (2013)

“The clinic and staff were very friendly, helpful and made me feel at ease and comfortable with every appointment I had.  10/10 to the team.  Thank you.”

M Stratton

Ref:  8299 (2012)